Friday, October 16, 2009

Shane McMahan Resigns From WWE

The article is taken from JR's blog, JR is a senior officer in WWE organisation.

It was announced Friday morning that Shane McMahon has resigned from WWE effective January 1, 2010 to pursue other business opportunities.

"I feel that this the opportune time to pursue outside business opportunities," Shane said in a written statement sent to staff and then documented on

This comes as a major surprise to many including me. Shane is a proud, 4th generation wrestling person who has worked with WWE essentially his entire live starting on the ring crew.

Shane has always been one of the shining stars within the WWE organization and it will be interesting to see what his next business endeavors entail.

We'll keep eveyone informed as information becomes available. However, we wish Shane and his family the best in what ever he chooses to do as I have always had a great repore with him and Shahe has earned the respect of all who have worked with him.

Again, this is a major surprise from within the WWE orgnization.

** for those who dunno him, Shane is the son of the WWE's boss, Vince MacMahon.

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