Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GoBald 4.0

On the past Monday Night Raw show, The Rock made a surprise return after his victory against John Cena at the WrestleMania and addressed to the WWE Universe about this important date, 520.

Finally, The Rock has come back.........................................HOME! (yay! yay!)
You know what? Last Sunday I was at the Hills and found this little of paper, with the drawing of faces on the 5 fingers. (Boots to Asses..... Boot to Asses.....)
I thought it was trying to make fun of the bald people, just like The Rock! (Rocky! Rocky!)
But then after 5 seconds, I get the meaning of it. It is something that real men will do, not for those sissy like John Cena. (Let go Cena! Cena Sucks!)
The People's Champion is urging that all the WWE Universe to support this event coming 20 May 2012. For those who don't, The People's Champion is gonna lay a smack-a-down on your candy asses. (yay! yay!)
If you smell......lalalalalalala.....what The Rock is cooking!

The 500lbs, the biggest athlete saying "I am going to the event. You better do so else I will chokeslam you through the tables". Grow Big or Get Lost.

My name is Bill Goldberg and I am bald. I am GoBald 4.0.

 I am Kurt Angle and I am the only Olympic Gold medalists in the wrestling business. I used to have hair but after losing the match to already-retired Edge, I went bald. I feel better, lighter and of course handsomer.

If  you wanna see me getting bald this 520, gimme a Hell Yeah! Hell Yeah!
But I already bald! You S-O-B. What?
I do not simply ask people to participate in this event, but when I do...... if that person doesn't show up in the event, I will beat the hell out of him! What?
And that's the bottom line, because Stone Cold says so! (Austin! Austin!)

520 in Chinese means I Love You. So please spread the Love together this coming 520 at the Spring Kuching.

But if you don't, you don't.

Miri Western Food

整个四月份,我都是在美里混的. 也吃了两家算是口碑都算不错的西餐店, 其中一家还是我们的顾客一直介绍的呢!

第一家, 名叫Citrus.也就是顾客一直推荐的那间啦!我们一开始循着网络上的资料寻找,最终让我们找到了旧的地址,非常厉害.后来不甘心再上网找, 才发现原来它们搬到了waterfront那一带.

这个是Tomyam Seafood 意大利面. 酸酸地,还不错.


忘记这个是什么口味的了. 影像中是好吃的.

第二家呢, 是在没有怎么心理准备下光顾的. 它店外的名字叫Discovery但到了里面,看着 菜单写着Siamese Secret.嗯,就叫它 Discover Siamese's Secret吧!

这个是什么鸡扒来的. 好吃.

Siamese Secret的主要卖点是食物份量很大,然后价钱也不是很贵. 比较适合一群人(大概四个人)一起来享受美食,这样才不至于吃不完, 浪费食物.

注:这个华文输入法真的超级无敌难用, 就写到这里为止.再会啦!


也许大家也都注意到 今天你BLOG了吗 好像已经超过两个月没有更新了.

  1. 工作忙碌. 毕竟工作还是我经济的主要来源, 手停口停, 口停屁股停, 屁股停的话, 就是很够力了.
  2. 电脑坏了.  那么你要问现在我是在用谁的电脑更新是不是?   好采我有一个好师傅咯!
  3. 懒惰, 既然工作忙, 加上电脑罢工, 就顺水推舟什么都赖在电脑身上, 自己也乐得清闲啊!
  4. 师傅的电脑的华文输入很不好用, 打字打得很不惯, 速度也变慢了. 
  5. 以上皆是. 哈哈.
虽然我停了两个月, 也许你们会想念我, 也许你们不会想念我, 也许已没有也许, 我会无时无刻地鞭策自己, 不再让你们这么痴痴的等下去.