Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GoBald 4.0

On the past Monday Night Raw show, The Rock made a surprise return after his victory against John Cena at the WrestleMania and addressed to the WWE Universe about this important date, 520.

Finally, The Rock has come back.........................................HOME! (yay! yay!)
You know what? Last Sunday I was at the Hills and found this little of paper, with the drawing of faces on the 5 fingers. (Boots to Asses..... Boot to Asses.....)
I thought it was trying to make fun of the bald people, just like The Rock! (Rocky! Rocky!)
But then after 5 seconds, I get the meaning of it. It is something that real men will do, not for those sissy like John Cena. (Let go Cena! Cena Sucks!)
The People's Champion is urging that all the WWE Universe to support this event coming 20 May 2012. For those who don't, The People's Champion is gonna lay a smack-a-down on your candy asses. (yay! yay!)
If you smell......lalalalalalala.....what The Rock is cooking!

The 500lbs, the biggest athlete saying "I am going to the event. You better do so else I will chokeslam you through the tables". Grow Big or Get Lost.

My name is Bill Goldberg and I am bald. I am GoBald 4.0.

 I am Kurt Angle and I am the only Olympic Gold medalists in the wrestling business. I used to have hair but after losing the match to already-retired Edge, I went bald. I feel better, lighter and of course handsomer.

If  you wanna see me getting bald this 520, gimme a Hell Yeah! Hell Yeah!
But I already bald! You S-O-B. What?
I do not simply ask people to participate in this event, but when I do...... if that person doesn't show up in the event, I will beat the hell out of him! What?
And that's the bottom line, because Stone Cold says so! (Austin! Austin!)

520 in Chinese means I Love You. So please spread the Love together this coming 520 at the Spring Kuching.

But if you don't, you don't.


阿花 said...

我不喜欢那个kurt angle,我还记得每次他出场时,全场观众都会喊他“you suck! you suck!”,我觉得他很串!>,,<
可是the rock真的又回到摔跤场了吗?感觉好不可思议噢!他不是在忙着演戏吗?而且他回到摔跤场的话,会不会影响他的形象啊?
对了,我以前也很喜欢rey mysterious,觉得他虽然身材娇小,但是动作超敏捷的!很酷的说!

Yossi Candice Huth said...

Kurt Angle之所以会有"you suck!"也是拜Edge所赐的.

The Rock今年有跟你很喜欢的那个带锁头的John Cena打过.不好意思,我就是不喜欢John Cena.哈哈.
The Rock在他的电影里也没有好人到哪里去,所以也没差啦!

rey mysterious是很不错,娇小玲珑,身手不凡.他最近好像受伤了.