Thursday, October 21, 2010

203 Equatorial Cameron Highland + Public Bank Voucher give away

Everybody yeah!
Rock your body yeah!
Everybody yeah!
Move your body right
2 Vouchers given away start tonight!

Yeah! 2 free vouchers to be given away to my friends who are Public Bank Credit Card holders. Vouchers worth RM338 each and it states there the rooms rates start from RM460. Meaning you need to pay extra RM122 for a night at Equatorial Cameron Highland.

Here stated:
1) Voucher valid from 01 Oct 2010 til 31 Jan 2011.
2) One voucher per room per night. So meaning you can stay 2 nights.
3) applicable to stay from Sunday to Thursday (opps! like that very hard leh). And except somemore:
a) 5 - 6 Nov 2010
b) 14 - 16 Nov 2010
c) 5 - 6 Dec 2010
d) 23 Dec 2010 - 2 Jan 2011
4) Rooms only (scare you eat til they broke)
5) Payment with PUBLIC BANK CREDIT CARD only. I don't have PBCC.

Anyone interested, please let me know. My phone number is 999. OK, the number is fake but the vouchers are NOT!

That's the end.


wenwen said...

我们也打算利用这voucher上cameron一趟,又有士哆啤梨吃了~~Y(^.^)Y 看到时会不会遇到你。哈哈哈哈。。XDD

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