Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yan Can Cook, So Can You

小时候看过的烹饪节目不多,印象比较深刻的就有“方太与你”和“Yan Can Cook”啦!方太就是那种死板板的一个镜头,她切菜炒菜上菜都是那么地机器化,所以我没那么喜欢。而甄文达或者Martin Yan,也就是Yan Can Cook的主持人,在煮一道菜前,都会有一小段介绍这道菜,哪怕只是教我们买菜时要注意哪些也好。


这些年后,我还以为他和方太一样,都退出了幕前。直到我在Asian Food Channel中再次看到他的节目,才知道他还没……呃……退休。哈哈!起初我不知道是他,因为名字是写Martin Yan,鬼知道Martin是谁啊?后来听他说话的语气,加上他的刀法,我才记得。很开心,好像见到很久不见的老朋友一样,可惜他不会因此而煮好吃的东西给我。呵呵!

给不懂华语的朋友们:(Taken from wikipedia)
Yan Can Cook was a Chinese cooking show starring Martin Yan that showed recipes for stirfrys and other traditional Chinese dishes. Its famous catch phrase was "If Yan can cook, so can you!"

Often followed by the gag "If Yan can't, then neither can you."

Martin's programs are shown widely on public television in the United States and on Food Network in Canada. He has also written several cookbooks, most of which are companions to his various series.

Martin's style of presentation is infused with a little bit of humor. Born in Guangzhou, China, to a restaurateur father, Martin has been cooking since his youth. He also owns a small chain of Yan Can Restaurants in California, USA.

He enjoys his international status as one of the very few ACF Certified Master Chefs.

If you want to know more about Martin Yan, you can visit his website at HERE

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