Saturday, March 12, 2011

Manchester United vs Arsenal

Updated on 13 March 2011:
1) MU beat Arsenal 2-0 thanks to the goals from Fabio and Rooney.
2) Sir Alex Ferguson fielded 3 defenders in the midfield position and I still don't know why.
3) I get a free Kampua.

FA Cup quater-final match at Old Trafford.
If MU win, I get a free kampua. Else my friend will get his favourite Kolo mee.
Since there is betting on place, so this is no more ordinary FA Cup kind of match.

Bring it on Arsenal, Red Devils will welcome you all the devil's way.

希望曼联可以让阿申纳连续发生三个“杯”剧。首先是Carling Cup,然后是Champions League,再来就是这次的足总杯。最后再来一个联赛,那么他们就从一月多的“可能”成为四冠王,沦落到四大皆空。


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