Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maxis Boleh

I had become Maxis customer since May last year because of a smart phone.

Within 10 months, at least 3 times I found out that I couldn't make phone calls, SMSed, online with 3G. First of all of course I went and checked my bill status, whether it exceeded the bill limit.

But I discovered that it actually still far from my bill limit amount and my account still being barred. What I had to do is to call up 123, gone through the unnecessary conversation with some robot, then finally someone come to me and helped me to unbar my account.

Everytime I had been told that there was system error that accidentally barring my account. Last time I told the lady on the line that this happened many times and she said she added that comment into the complain(? maybe there was any). So I would think the same problem shall not surface anymore.

Today it happened again. As usual I checked the account first before kicking somebody's candy ass. I was assured that Maxis system went wrong again, so I called them again.

Funny thing was that although my bill amount didn't exceed the limit, the lady kept asking me to pay little bit because the amount is somewhere near the limit already. These are totally 2 different things and she tried to make it sounded like it was my fault that leaving bill amount close to the limit. I told her not to cover the actual problem that occurred.

Funnier thing was that she told me it required few hours time to unbar my account. I told her normally just 10 to 15 minutes, how come this time so much different? She replied with another answer saying "you just need to off and on your phone". I thanked her with smile.

She might be new to the business that's why giving me such stupid answers. But after this incident, I am more confirmed that I am going to say bye bye to Maxis.

Last but not least, if you can't understand my English above, I recommend you to grab some Mandarin language tuition.

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