Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yummy Taiwan RM1 Great Deal Starts Now
After the driven-people-crazy AirAsia 10 cent promotion, now it is Yummy Taiwan's turn to once again driving your mind upside down!!!!

It is the RM1 Promotion!!!

What is this RM1 promotion all about? It basically tell you that if you buy ONE item, any meal and you are entitled to get 2nd same or lower price item at RM1 only. Yes, at RM1 ONLY.

So you can start planning to bring your love one, parents, good friends, colleagues or ex-colleagues, BFs or GFs to enjoy this great deal.

Maybe you gonna ask what if you have more than 1 BFs or GFs? Tell you what, we have been thinking about that and our solution for that is the promotion is valid from 01 - 30 June 2011 for dine-in only.

Unless you have 30 all of them, else I can guaran-damn-tee that you should be able to bring at least one of them to enjoy the deal TWICE!!!

What do you need to do to enjoy this?
Simple. Simply flash this coupon to redeem. Valid for all foods and beverages. Not valid with other promotions and offers.

Emm, was thinking instead of printing the voucher, showing this voucher using your smartphones would also grant you the same offer! We shall see. Show the voucher and you are entitled this great deal!!

Happy Gawai celebration to all Dayak friends at the home of Hornbill.

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