Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beautiful people in Krabi/Ao Nang

We met quite a lot of nice people in Krabi, or I should say Ao Nang to be more specific. This make me feel very good, dunno why. Maybe there are things that do not happen for a reason. Haha... Missy A, agree? Let me intro some of them to you :)

1) Poo
Of cause her name is not Winnie. She is the owner of the hotel that we stayed for 5 nights. We became closer after we "please" each other while negotiating the package for ATV and water rafting. From there, we knew that they provided cheaper rate for activities!!! How come we never asked for it since day one? We probably paid more for the Phi Phi Island trip.

And what made us touching is that although we were not big group staying in her hotel. But after she knew that one of my friend was celebrating birthday on the last day, she went out early in the morning to get the bouquet. Later she served ciku and rambutans as well. And also gave us the pics she took during the ATV and water rafting activities.

Again, thanks to Poo and the hotel staffs :)

2) Michelle
Our island trip tour guide....... She is very nice person. Share lot stories with us but I forgot most of them. Who remembered that much anyway? :p

And we met her again on the last night of our stay, and when she knew we just bought some souvenirs, then she said if she knew earlier, she even can help us to cut down price some more. haha.... What a cute person.

3) Mat (I think is this name)
He is the tour guide for the water rafting. He is very talk-active, can speak fluent English (a lot of tour guide in Krabi still cannot speak English quite well, have to use sign language sometimes). He tried to remember our name, dunno why but he did try. Which made me remember the rock climbing guide also tried hard to remember who is who. This is because I kept listening him yelling my name while my friend is climbing.... T_T

Oh ya, we think that him and Poo got "one leg". Haha.... Because when they two sit together, they just like 茶煲孖宝, just like couple!! oh yeah.....

With this, I ended story about Krabi here and now. Hope I can have my next trip very soon..... go to where leh? erm... ah ..... oh.....


ichigonad said...

how come everyone also so beutiful and handsome one?

My trip all the people are ... old.


Joyce said...

wow, so fast u finished writing about ur krabi trip? my HK trip still stuck at day 2 ler..:p wuahahahahahhaa..

Yossi Candice Huth said...

haha, cos i never divide them by days ma.. i categorize them by activities... faster i think