Monday, August 11, 2008


有没有听过其实朋友和情人只是一线之差?这句话怎么说呢?你有一个朋友,刚开始只是朋友,慢慢演变成好朋友,忽然间你发现,咦!你好像对她有感觉喔!好像,好像爱上你,喔喔喔,fall in Love。。但是你并不知道她怎么想,而你又不想一直猜下去,你决定采取主动,向她表白。


很想知道,一对男女在做不成情人,到底可不可以做回朋友?大家以后见面会不会觉得心里有个刺?请认为还可以做回朋友的读者,sms YES 空一格及以不超过三十个字的标语到32366。也请认为不可能做回朋友的读者, sms NO 空一格及以不超过三十个字的标语到32366。每则短讯收费五十仙,未满十八岁的读者,请在获得父母的同意下才传短讯进来。如果嫌传短讯麻烦,你可以在本文章留下comment。谢谢。

English Translation (For you, Chabo)
Would like to know, when a couple not longer a couple anymore, can they become friends anymore? Will them feel different when they meet next time? For the readers that think why not, you may sms YES space and a slogan not more than 30 words to 32366. For the readers that think no way, you may sms NO space and a slogan not more than 30 words to 32366 as well. Every sms will be charged 50 cents. For those below age of 18, please get approval from your parents first. If you think sms-ing is troublesome, you may make good use of the comment section of this articles. Thank you very much!


likchin said...

YES, 做不到情人,做朋友是可以的。 当然,也要看那个女的怎样想。 通常是女的看不开。哈哈哈!!

Anonymous said...

My answer is YES.
But depends on both sides... Or may be their own partners (another party)? Who knows... haha...

su mei said...

must reply lo, since got translation.

Yes and no. if both party moves on, without ANY more feeling and without hatred, yes they can still be friends. If one party hate the other so much, no they can't be friends. if both party also hate each other so much, no they can't be friends. if one party already paktor, that paktor party should be able to be friends, but not sure about the party that haven't paktor yet, coz maybe the haven't paktor party suddenly hate the paktor party for paktor-ing so fast. but if the haven't paktor party feels indifferent, yes they can be friends, provided that the paktor party is fine too. if both party already found someone new and paktor, depending whether they move on and still can accept to be friends, or they hate each other to death.


Ada isi tersirat from u?

Anonymous said...

Su Mei, ada isi tersirat! I think is the person is you, cause he purposely wrote blog in English just for you, and translated another one for you.

su mei said...


me and him were never a couple before. maybe in his dream. how can? this scientific question is easy to solve.

btw, y r u being anonymous? :P

Yossi said...

WUAHAHHAHA..... maybe in my dream la...

Tiada isi tersirat. Ini bukan Ujian BM dalam SPM, tak perlu cari 3 isi tersurat dan 3 isi tersirat dan kesimpulan.