Monday, August 11, 2008

Letter for Chabo

Dear lovely Chabo,

Promised you to write more in English so now I going to fulfill your wish. Hehe... I wrote few articles since March, and I think this is the second time I wrote in English, so you should feel very proud because I write this just for you.

Lately I wrote a lot articles, really hardworking to write compared to the time I just begun blogging. And I found that I can express much much better in my mum language, that's why from your angle, you see quite a lot of strange icons EXCEPT 一二三四,你我他们,谢谢etc etc. I know that sometimes you use the web translation tool to know what my articles were talking about, I feel very the “kan dong”. So I purposely write this letter to thank you. Kekeke......

Anyway, I think you still going to suffer a little bit because it is quite hard for me to be FULL TIME blahblahblah in English, although my English is very good. Wuahahah..... I try to add some english explanation next to the Chinese wordings. So you can guess a little bit without translate them.

Find someday to have dinner together. Count one count, the trip is just about 18 days away, can't wait for it. Hope we have a great “reunion” moment... oh.. and also the Miss Jeans, if you know what I mean. Wuahahahha...

That's all from now. Looking forward for your letter. Bye bye.

Super pili pala Tapo


su mei said...

Wah kao! super wakarimasta!
yeah i know .. maybe time to brush up my mandarin..but in ur mum language, what you write is really "chim", "deep", "sen", "dalam".

dinner can la.. anytime wa akan call u kalau free. i also look forward to the getaway. hope can have an enjoyable time and relax. :)

wah kao, r u insulting msjeans? oh yeah, forgot to tell u, your new roommate for that trip.. ms jeans.

Yossi said...

wow... the truely adorable ms jeans going to be my roommate? what a dream comes true for me....

I will take good care of her... WUAHAHHAH

Yossi said...

by the way, if you do not understand my "chim", "deep", "sen", "dalam" mum languages, you can get human translator to tell you what I am trying to say..... kekekeke